Photo Diary Xixi Wetland

Thousands of people are in Shilizhou, and Xixi is more suitable for autumn. Yellow orange red persimmon Zi Lingjiao, not worthy of the world.

Recently, I was crazy about photography. I started a Sony black card 5, which is mainly used for daily shooting and shooting. I am currently a rookie level for photography, so I can’t talk about sharing photography. I will use a blog to record a piece of film that I think I can shoot. Of course, friends who love photography can also communicate with each other.

The sky is blue and the clouds are blooming.

The scenery of the wetland is picturesque, and it is taken at about 5 pm on the same day. The light is soft and it is the best time for photography.

Black card 5 is out of power, so I took a picture with my mobile phone.

There are many flowers and plants in the Xixi Wetland.

Just saw an ant, snapped

Occasionally found a big green land, come to a vision

Look at the world like a grass, don’t have a flavor

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