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Use tattoos to create beautiful scars that cannot be erased and deep into the bone marrow

Nostalgic original novel trilogy, this is the last one, believe me, I will not make a novel after I finish this, it is time to study the research technology well, not to do business all day long.

Tattoos are made by using colored needles to puncture the bottom layer of the skin to create patterns or words on the skin that represent personality or identity.
Mei Sheng yawned lazily and said impatiently: “I said Aqing, you have asked the ninth ninety-nine times, you are not bothered me, I am still annoying!” At a glance, Yang Tian lay in the clear stream and woke up.
Later, after my day-to-day entanglement, Mei Sheng finally said the secret of the lotus tattoo, but the result made me very disappointed. He said that 20 years ago, we were trafficked to a wind lotus country by a group of traffickers. In order to prevent us from escaping, they asked the tattooist to engrave the same lotus tattoo on us. Later, because of the war, we escaped and lived together. Originally, I didn’t believe in Meisheng’s ghosts, but who made him imaginary, I am ten years old, and in my memory, childhood life is with Meisheng. What’s more, I saw him with a pitiful face and looked at me with two eyes. As he first called me tattoos, I looked at my eyes and made me have to believe.
Until I earned the first pot of gold, I had to believe in God’s mouth. Who asked me to choose the assassin’s no return, which is accompanied by a tattoo in my life. Assassin’s business, it seems to be chic, but in fact, dumb to eat berberine, there is no hardship to say, a veritable high-risk occupation, not as leisurely as the studio Meisheng. Every night when the black wind is high, when Mei Sheng plays with the posture on the stage and shows off the tone, I wandered around the cusp and sneaked into the deep wall. The same is makeup, Mei biochemistry is radiant, in order to attract attention, and I only need a black dress, a veil, in order to avoid people’s eyes and ears.
Every time I got tired of coming home, watching Meisheng posing with a bronze mirror, I couldn’t help but feel sick. As a result, I have collected countless lotus leaves, and I have repeatedly painted the lotus thorns every night. I thought that as long as I wiped out the tattoos, I could get rid of God’s will and get rid of this life. Who knows that I didn’t wait for me to see hope, Mei Sheng poured a cold water on my heart. He said that with tattoos, the scars that are beautiful can not be erased and deep into the bone marrow.
I was so angry that I trembled all over, and then he slammed him and pointed at his nose and said, “My scars are only desolate, yours are all beautiful, and we are beautiful together.” Mei Sheng touched Wu Qing’s cheek and pointed at the angrily leaving me. He said, “Stinky boy, let you not face, you let me eat what to eat, you have kind, don’t come back at night!”.

Located in the middle of the earth, the wind lotus country is bright and beautiful, and the city’s Weihe River runs through the north and south. On the Weihe River in the city, there is a magnificent fragrant building, which is towering into the sky. The three golden characters of “Yunyanlou” on the main entrance of Xianglou are in front of you.
From time to time, there are a lot of laughter and laughter in the Yunyan Building. It must be that the girls are very good at calligraphy and painting, and the appearance is amazing, which leads to the sinister laughter of the rich and the rich. Every time I look at the girls’ dances, they will forget that the saliva will inevitably flow down. As a cold-blooded assassin, in the face of such a cloud, I will not fall into it until I met Yue Ji. Yue Ji is one of the most famous songs of Yunyanlou, and her clusters are enough to make the spectators fascinated. However, the most ecstasy is her piano sound, each string breaks into the body and mind, deep into the bone marrow, people are deeply trapped in it, unable to extricate themselves, “the shaft is plucked three or two, and the song is not a tune first.”
Because Yue Ji, whenever I was driven out of the house by Mei Sheng, I was living in the Yunyan Building, enjoying the singer and dancing. Different from other guests, I only ask Yue Ji to accompany me. Even if she only sells art and does not sell her body, I will also pay attention to the room, cheering and drinking, and quietly admiring her playing the song.
Drinking into the belly, drunk on my heart, looking at the moon Ji in front of me, I seem to have found a confidant, and fell into the moon Ji Huanzhong crying about his grievances. The sky was so strong that I pierced my eyes. I opened the quilt and looked at Yue Ji, who was sitting in front of the window, and smiled. “Girl, drinking too much last night, I was shocked.” Yue Ji got up and put on the xylophone, turned and looked down at me slightly, and the reddish face was full of shame. The breeze outside the window, blowing the long hair of Yue Ji, the wind in the clothes fluttering, the wind is floating in the faint fragrance, I was fascinated for a moment, I do not know that Ji Ji has left the room.
Lin Feng is the son of Lin Tiannan, the main forest of Linjiabao. His family is rich and the sound is martial. This person is graceful and gentle, and looks even more beautiful. As for the only intersection I had with him before, it was business dealings. In my profession, business dealings are that he pays, I kill. A famous child like him, it is impossible to risk the assassination, and Linmen has many families, so I became Lin Feng’s best business partner.
Tighten the paper strips and fly the flying pigeons to the blue sky and fly to Linjiabao.

The next evening, Lin Feng swayed the paper fan and stepped into the Yunyan Building. Immediately, the pot was opened in the building, and the girls flocked to the giants in front of them. Unconsciously, the girls’ hibiscus-colored tops were already open, revealing the white collarbone, and twisting their eyebrows around Lin Feng. Lin Feng is still consistently arrogant, like the first encounter a few years ago, squinting at me with disdainful eyes, even though the beauty is like a cloud, he is not looking at it.
Lin Feng walked straight to me, stayed up to the front, leaned over to my slightly drunk face, deeply cherished, this situation is really a girl in the clouds. I handed a bottle of wine in my hand and smiled slyly: “Lin brother, I am not so good!”. Lin Feng smiled at the ear and said: “In order to avoid the girls in the Yunyan Building, the brothers can only grieve you!”, then grabbed the glass in my hand and laughed after drinking. I left me looking innocently at the side of the moon, shouting and shaking her head.
Lin Feng pulled up and fell down in the corner of the wall, whispered: “This mission is very important, you and I live in the room.” I was planted into the arms of Lin Feng by the wine, and the two walked into the wing. Leaving the girls’ faces with a sigh of relief, only Yue Ji sighed with a mouth.
In the wing, Lin Feng put a glass of wine and poured it slowly. In the glass, the dark brown wine grows from shallow to deep until it overflows the cup. I didn’t say anything. I took the wine glass and drank it. I said to Lin Feng: “As long as the bounty is enough, there is no need to say anything else.” Having said that, I can’t pick it up indiscriminately. If I can’t get what I can’t, I’m afraid I have to lose my life. Lin Feng and I are on the surface a business partner. In fact, through years of cooperation, we have also established a brotherly relationship. What he can give me will not hurt my life.
Until the night, I was hiding in the deep wall of Xiangtianfu, secretly looking at the intensive strength in the deep wall, recalling what I said to Lin Feng, the intestines were remorseful. With a few years of love, Lin Feng defrauded my feelings and pushed me into the fire. I thought to myself, I must pay more for the rewards when I go back, or I will never give up.
I haven’t waited for me to get rid of it, and the Guards who alternately patrolled found my sight. I saw them quickly dispersing the formation and forming a siege for me. Seeing that I was surrounded by water, I could only helplessly look at the crow flying overhead, thinking that it would be difficult to escape. However, as a dedicated assassin, if it is a hand, it seems too unprofessional, so I showed a machete, tiptoe on the deep wall, and lightly jumped between the roof tiles.
Under the bright moon, the scimitar flashed a cold light, and the figure passed and the body was covered. The fierce battle lasted for a few hours, and eventually I lost my energy. Between the sword and the sword, I was subjected to a number of knives, and the blood flowed until it was forced into the deep wall. When I was helpless, a black shadow flashed, and then the screams came one after another.
The black shadow saw the plane and I flew outside the wall. I saw that he was as light as a swallow, and he fled the encirclement in a blink of an eye. Disappointing in the shadow, I gently knocked on the head of the black man, crying and saying: “Well, you are a Meisheng, now come to save me, pity me full of injuries.” Mei Sheng solved the yarn and laughed loudly: “You deserve it, you will dare to marry the military office. This is not to find death! If Yue Ji finds me, ask me to protect you secretly, you are already dead.”
I knocked on Meisheng’s back and complained: “This blames you, has a peerless effort, but is willing to be a play, which makes me sleep alone on the edge of death every night, I am so miserable!” Mei Sheng was angry and said lazily: “You are jealous again, hey, I will throw you down, then you will be miserable!”. I rolled my eyes to the back of his head, and the body was heavily pressed against him, then slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.
The next morning, the skylight pierced through the paper window. Yue Ji sat in front of the bed, holding a hot soup in his hand, looking at me gently with the eyes of Shui Ling, blowing the heat from the soup from time to time. I smiled and drank the medicine that was handcuffed by the next month. Although the medicine is bitter, the entrance is sweet!

Lin Feng pulled me hard and squeezed into the crowd in front of the Imperial List. I saw the wanted man on the emperor’s list covered with black gauze, and the lotus tattoo was vividly engraved on his left arm. At this point, the first thing that came to my mind was Yue Ji, so I quickly squeezed out the crowd and ran back to the pub. In the running room, I saw the far away, the army surrounded our pub, and Yue Ji was handcuffed and kicked into the cage. I ran angrily, reaching out to reveal a machete, but was blocked by Mei Sheng, who was hiding in the corner.
The head of the army asked Yue Ji. “The tattoo of the murderer’s arm is the same as that on your arm. Can you plead guilty?” Yue Ji touched the lotus tattoo on his arm and laughed loudly: “Yes, I am the murderer, I killed the lord, nothing to do with anyone!”. Looking at the moon in the cage, I am so sad.
In Linjiabao, Lin Feng and Mei Sheng sat down with me to discuss the plan of the prison. Our plan is to use Meisheng as a bait to lead the defenders outside the prison. Then I sneaked into the prison to rescue Yue Ji. Lin Feng was responsible for the rescue in the event of an accident, and after the rescue succeeded, we fled the wind lotus country.
The defenders outside the prison have gone to catch up. With superb light work, Mei Sheng easily soared over the head of the defending army and flew to the depths of the bamboo forest. Looking at the defenders who were far away, I quickly flew outside the prison gate. Looking inside the prison, the lights are bright, but it is very quiet. The figure of the moon Ji appeared in my mind. I walked into the prison and walked around looking for Yue Ji. However, wherever I go, they are all empty. At this time, intensive footsteps came from outside the door. I knew the middle meter and flew to the skylight above my head. Unexpectedly, a big net fell from the sky and overwhelmed me to the ground. Through the rope net, there was a sneer. Later, I was taken into a cage and went to a secret prison, and the rescue team ambushing in Zhulin was slow to act.
Tightly glaring at Yue Ji, I smiled, even in the face of death, I also have Yue Ji accompanied, dead without regrets. Unfortunately, this life can no longer meet with Mei Sheng, I do not know where he is?

See you again, Lin Feng is a few days later.
Before I came back, Lin Feng told me about the night of the jail. He said that after I entered the prison that night, Lin Feng had been protecting me in the dark. I didn’t expect Meisheng to rush into the prison with a large number of troops not long after he left. Lin Feng knew that the set of Meisheng had escaped from the scene. Prepare to wait for the rescue in the future.
After Lin Feng left, the scene he told in his mouth appeared in my dreams every night. Mei Sheng held a long sword and reached my neck. Then there was a sneer, cold and biting. Every night I couldn’t see the starry sky, I was tortured by the same dream. I couldn’t escape the nightmare.
Lin Feng visited the prison every three to five places, each time bringing the situation of Meisheng. According to him, Mei Sheng returned to his home after leaving the prison. Seeing that the execution period is getting closer, I am anxious. The same dreams are floating in my mind all the time. Lin Feng saw my anxiety and my heart and mind. With his power, it is not difficult to steal the dragon and turn the phoenix. After our secret business, Lin Feng was willing to temporarily replace me in a cage. When I went out to find Meisheng, I asked the matter and then changed back to Lin Feng.
Before departure, Lin Feng looked at me with confidence and nodded silently. His eyes were no longer the disdain of the first meeting, but full of trust and expectations.
Stepping out of the prison door, I flew to the air, mobilized the instinct of the whole body, and flew into the distance on the tile roof.
After a moment of silence, Mei Sheng smiled coldly, but his face was stiff and expressionless. He said, “You don’t have to ask anything. Everything is done by me. I can’t help you. Promise me, be alive. !”. During the speech, Mei Sheng took out the dagger that had been hidden in his arms, and slammed it into his heart, and the blood flowed to the ground.
I helped Meisheng who fell to the ground, looking at the sadness revealed in his empty eyes, and the tears filled his eyes. Holding him dying, I shouted insanely, “Why, why is this?” Mei Sheng stuck to my ear and repeated and said: “Brother, go!”.
Later, I understood the meaning of Mei Sheng. With the sound of footsteps, a large number of troops were assembled outside the house, and the old houses were surrounded.

The sky was shining on the clear stream, and the surface of the water flashed a layer of white light, reflecting the heavy murder on the bank of the river.
Pulling open the wooden door, facing the glare of the sun is a white light reflected from a layer of armor. Reluctantly squinting his eyes, and after adjusting to the glare, his eyes gradually became clear. Long row of soldiers in front and rear rows, wearing white armor, holding long bows, waiting for an opportunity. With a command, countless bows and arrows descended from the sky, dense as drizzle, and directed straight into the house.
At the beginning of the millennium, I quickly closed the wooden door and turned it back several times. I saw the bow and arrow squatting down from me. I picked up a wooden table and kept it in front of me, slowly approaching Meisheng’s body with the cover. Under the wooden table, I picked up Meisheng and listened to the sound of the arrow being shot through the house. It seemed to see the door to hell.
In the past, whenever it came to life and death, Meisheng would appear indiscriminately. Now, everything is gone. After a while, the outside of the house stopped ringing. I leaned on the ground, climbed to the window, and looked out through the hole pierced by the arrow. The row of longbowmen loaded with bows and arrows and held the torch in their hands.
With a familiar and strange sneer, a figure emerged from the crowd. Through the window, I clearly saw the outline of the figure, including the disdainful eyes. Lin Feng slowly approached the old house and immediately pushed the wooden door open. Staring at Lin Feng, who stepped into the house, I was desperate in my eyes. Lin Feng blinked at me, showing disdainful eyes, like the first encounter a few years ago, said coldly: “Stabbing brother, can be well ah”, then burst into laughter.
I wiped the tears in my eyes and said faintly: “I should have thought of you.” Lin Feng walked to the lying Mei Sheng, madly stepping on his body, his eyes full of resentment. I immediately took out the scimitar at the waist and stabbed Lin Feng. Lin Feng returned to the gods, and the tip of his toes flicked, and easily escaped my blade. Seeing that I was emptied, I tried to mobilize the infuriating sword and cut it to Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng’s light work is far from me, and several attacks have been easily escaped by him. Unconsciously, he has circled behind my brain, and suddenly a sharp blade passes through the chest and flows out of blood. What followed was a shout, don’t! Yue Ji with tears, rushed to the house, watching me close to the ground, but was stopped by Lin Feng.
I sneered, dry eyes have dried up tears, desperately looking at the eyes of the two former dear love, said: “Good! You have concealed so many secrets, it turns out that all this is just your plan for revenge. Nowadays I am already a dying person. Any secrets are said, at least let me die.”
I don’t understand, “How do you know the tattoo on my arm?” Lin Feng looked at Yue Ji and smiled. “The lotus tattoo on the arm of Yue Ji is revealed to the world. This is to find out what you have arranged. Ordinary people will be curious when they read this tattoo, and I have been in the past few months. Observing in secret, only you are not moving. There is only one reason, that is, you also have lotus tattoos.”
I laughed aloud until the blood flowed out of my mouth. I held my last breath and looked at the sly moon Ji, saying, “Have you ever loved me?”
Yue Ji was silent, and at the last moment of closing her eyes, I saw Yue Ji raise the dagger. ……

The dagger was deeply inserted into the heart of Yue Ji, and the blood flowed from the chest to the ground, from the ground to the tattooed body.
Lin Feng sits on the edge of the cliff and strokes the moon in the arms. Yang Tian bears the baptism of heaven. The majestic heavy rain fell in the hair of Lin Feng, and the memories of the weaving, accompanied by the rain, flowed into his heart, and the dusty past became clear.
After the escape, Qiufeng was fortunate to receive Lin Jiabao, and changed his name to Lin. In order to prevent Qiuyue from telling the whole story, she sold her to Yunyan Building, the stage name Yue Ji. Since then, Qiu Feng has been hiring and killing Mei family, until only the two sons of Mei family are mysteriously missing.
Time flies, hatred in the heart of Lin Feng more and more fierce, until he learned the whereabouts of the two sons of the Mei family, the revenge plan took root in his heart. On a dark night, he wore black clothes and sneaked into the Gaofu house. After killing the high master, he tore off his sleeves and exposed the blue-green lotus tattoos in the moonlight.
The soul under the body is long gone. The only thing that does not change is the blue-green lotus tattoo on the arm. It is engraved with beautiful scars that cannot be erased and penetrated into the bone marrow.

The heavy rain washed the earth. After the dust was lost, the murderer who had been searching for many years was actually himself. Lin Feng cried and screamed, holding the moon Ji, crying with sorrow, mixed with the rain, and reverberating in the world for a long time.

With the raindrops, Lin Feng picked up Yue Ji and jumped into the cliff. ……


This is a relatively pale story, and the style of writing is relatively small. Now I feel that many plots are not reasonable enough, but the subject matter of this article is the one I prefer.

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