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Left hand lights, the right hand star point light

Not much nonsense, a few original novels lying in the QQ space, should be written three or four years ago. I recalled that I was still a young boy who was very angry. I thought about the fan-wool towel in the past, and talked about it. Back to the topic, Kaibo has been sharing some technical content so far, it is time to adjust the seasoning, so I added a new category in the blog: [Poetry Years] (http ://thief.one/categories/%E8%AF%97%E6%84%8F%E5%B9%B4%E5%8D%8E/), dedicated to sharing some of my original novels or poems, it can be considered A memorial to the past life.


The North China wolf smoke, the war is raging, the Li people are hungry and bitter, and the North Island City is a charcoal. Year after year of natural disasters, the North Island’s national strength declined, and the three countries immediately joined forces. At this time, although the North Island was the first of the four countries, the natural disasters and man-made disasters made it unable to resist and could only sit still.

The Three Kingdoms Alliance is already under the city, and it is necessary to break through the city. By then, hundreds of thousands of people in the city will be unable to escape bad luck. When the time came, the sky was clouded, the North Island gate slowly opened, and the generals of the war gods greeted the enemy. Even though the generals were the gods of the North Island, the disadvantages of the enemy were still unchangeable.

The generals of the God of War led the soldiers of the North Island State to the end. At the last moment, he still held the gates tightly with both hands until it became a dust and an ang in the golden sand horse.

The gates of the city were broken, and the catastrophe of the heavens and the earth was fulfilled. The killings continued to spread to the dawn, and the blood flowed into the river…

Festival of Gods

After a hundred years, the North Island City is full of vitality and full of color. Time has washed away the pain of war, and the flow of years often makes memories into dust. However, at the entrance of the North Island City, there was a statue of the general of the War of the Year. Although the general failed to protect the North Island State, the people of the North Island still respected him in an incomparable manner, set up a ancestral hall for him, and warned his children to worship this generation for generations. Great general.

The festival of the gods is held every winter to commemorate him. The people often burn incense and pray for the peace and harmony of the North Island. In the winter of this year, when the worship of the generals of the gods was reached, the people of the North Island continued to merge into a rolling crowd to prepare for the sacrifices. The scene was not lively.

The morning sun sneaked into the window and settled in Qin Ming’s sleeping body.

“Qin Ming, are you ready? The Sacrifice Ceremony is about to begin.” Qin San, the pawnshop of Fu Ji, called his son up the mountain to participate in the sacrifice.

The festival of sacrifices is very solemn and grand, and it is impossible to participate in the age of minors. Therefore, the young people who are in adulthood every year will go up the mountain and pray for the generals of the god of war. I hope that in the future, they will be able to kill the enemy in the battlefield of the war gods in the past and become a national industry.

“Oh, come, come… I will sleep a little longer.” Qin Ming is a grown-up woman this year. He has never participated in the Sacrifice Ceremony in the past. He has no interest in this. In contrast, he loves the comfortable bed.

“Hey, huh, huh! How is your face so ugly, what happened just now, is it that the enemy attacked the city and overturned my bed?” Qin Ming looked puzzled at Qin San, Qin San is a stomach fire. “When is the time now, still sleeping! What is the siege of the city, I turned your bed over. Today is a very important day for you, can’t delay, you don’t toss my old bones.” I will be mad at you sooner or later!” Qin Sanqi got a bite and sat on the ground, coughing a few times, his body is getting worse.

When Qin Ming saw his father move, he quickly put on his clothes and turned and smiled and said: “Hey, I am fine, let’s go!” Qin San looked at his stupid look, really laughing and crying, he single-handedly Ground, climbed hard from the ground, patted the dust on the butt, pointed to a stack of clothes in front of the bed, said: “The ritual ceremony can not wear plain clothes, hehe! I have put the clothes on it last night. Now, hurry to wear, maybe come back.”

That was the sewing of Qin Ming’s mother before she died. She still wanted to watch him as an adult. But she didn’t want to go with her. She died when Qin Ming was still very young. Therefore, Qin Ming had no impression of her.

At that time, Qin San seemed to see the shadow of the general of God of War standing at the gate of the city in his son, so he worked hard to cultivate Qin Ming, hoping that one day he would be able to kill the enemy like a general and defend the Limin of the North Island, so that he The rest of my life can be happy too.

Qin San stood quietly under the eaves, watching the spider silk, the moss on the tile, can not help but sigh that the years are like a shuttle, time flies.

Qin Ming knows that he wants his mother. Every time she thinks about her, Qin San always looks at the eaves, watching the sky, quietly in a daze.

“Qin Mingzhen, I hope you can become a material. Hey, don’t say anything, let’s go!” Qin said that he decided to set his mind.

Qin San and his father rushed to the mountains, but fortunately they had to go to heaven and let them catch up with the rolling sacred people.

“Wow, a lot of people! Hey, look at you.” Qin Ming pointed at the crowd and exclaimed, for the first time to attend the memorial, he has never seen so many people.

“So people are fussed, how to get on the battlefield in the future, when faced with a thousand troops.” Qin San looked at the childish spirit of Qin Ming, Shuangyu was a bit worried.

The sky gradually turned cloudy, and the thick black clouds not far away isolated the blue sky, and the wind was coming.

Sacrifice Goddess

Is there a situation that can be difficult to complain, even if it is repeated 100 times

The God of War Temple was built on the top of Ziming Mountain. It was guarded by the royal purple people. No mortal can be close to it. It is only open to the people on the festival of sacrifice, for the worship of the people.

The Purple House is the most prestigious race in the North Island State. It is said to be the descendant of the Emperor Fuxi and the most mysterious race.

The large ritual crowd reached the top of Ziming, and the top of the mountain was an open space. There was a statue of war god in the center of the open space, just like the gate of the city, but it was almost magnified hundreds of times. Qin Ming walked over to the god of war and looked at him. From the bottom up, he kept his head behind his head and could not see the top. The huge idol extended to the sky and went straight into the sky. The scene really shocked him. Behind the statue is a magnificent ritual stage that radiates brilliant light.

Qin Ming, who has been stunned by Qin San, said: “The kid, you have never seen the world. According to the ancestors, this statue used almost all the young people of the city, which lasted for decades and passed through the heavens of the Virgin. The technique is very aura, and can protect the people of our North Island from the disaster.” Qin Ming listened with gusto.

Suddenly, the wind is raging, and the fog that comes with the wind makes the image of the god behind it. Not long after, I saw dozens of girls dressed in purple clothes coming out from behind the gods, and the figure gradually became clear, and the body exudes a faint fragrance.

“The goddess is coming, everyone is still not squatting.” The purple-haired woman in the lead looked at the crowd and immediately gave orders. The people who heard the orders repeatedly bowed their knees, and their hands clung to the ground, shouting loudly: “The goddess will last forever, and immortality will not die!” Qin Ming, who did not know the situation, was dragged by Qin Sanqiang and hurriedly shouted. The people bowed devoutly, and the body did not dare to move at all. They all closed their eyes and closed their eyes. However, the curious Qin Ming did not know the etiquette, and looked up slightly at everything on the sacrifice platform. I saw a half-faced face with a light veil, and a young girl dressed in a purple-golden robes and a face of a melon, went to the ceremonial stage. Qin Ming looked at the girl in front of her, and she had a feeling of deja vu.

“Hey, who is she, long and pretty, much better than the ladies in our village.” Qin Ming grinned, and Qin San smacked his ear and said softly, “That is the goddess of sacrifice.” How can we compare with our ordinary people?” Qin Ming blinked and blinked his eyes, staring at the goddess.

“Goddess, Luoyao” Qin Mingkou can not help but recite, somehow, watching the goddess of sacrifice, his eyes shed tears.

Suddenly, the wind was raging, the dust was everywhere, and the sacrifices were chaotic and confused.

“Luo Yao, Luo Yao!” Not far away, faintly shouted, tearing heart. After the wind stopped clouding, what appeared in front of Qin Ming was no longer the people of Limin, but a young girl. Her eyes showed infinite sadness. The girl begged a general who was wearing armor around her. Pulling the general’s trousers.

“General, I beg you to take the people of this city to go, the catastrophe of the heavens and the earth can not be avoided, this is not the power that you and I can stop.” The girl seems to have drained her tears, exhausted the last remaining force and begged the general, Qin Ming Looking at everything in front of me, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest. He pinched his chest with his hand. He seemed to hear the heartbreaking voice, and his tears were soaked in his eyes.

On the top of Ziming, Qin San held the unconscious Qin Ming, crying and suffering, Qin Ming did not know how, after seeing the goddess, he collapsed in the arms of Qin San, let him call no response.

At this time, a few purple women flew down from the sacrifice platform, a few ribbons fluttered in the air, and the purple woman jumped to the front of Qin San on the ribbon.

“Bold people, dare to yell at the ritual ceremony.” The woman in purple said that she had recited a spell in her mouth. In an instant, a few ribbons seemed to be a sword, and the scorpion was inserted into Qin San, Qin San in grief. Even more unprepared, seeing the sword has approached him.

Suddenly, countless colorful butterflies appeared in front of Qin San, blocking the attack of the sword for him. The purple woman saw the scene before her, and quickly stopped. Just as Qin San doubted who saved him, the colorful butterfly in front of him seemed to accept the order and flew behind the purple woman.

After a fog, a vague figure gradually approached and became clear. Qin San looked at Qin Ming in his arms and was very embarrassed. In the fog, a woman with purple and white hair appeared in front of Qin San. Qin San held Qin Ming tightly in his arms. He could not allow him to suffer a little bit of harm and face his own strange woman. Old, his heart is full of panic and fear.

The women in the purple dress went to help the old woman, “I saw the Virgin, not to squat!” The purple-haired woman in the lead yelled at Qin San, “Hey, purple wind! I don’t know who is not guilty”, the Virgin slowly approached Qin San, “Is this a son? I think he is in the process of shooting the soul. I am afraid that this life will not wake up.” The Virgin said and turned to look at the sacrifice platform. The goddess of worship is standing there. Looking at all of this, her body seemed to tremble, and her pale face was sad.

“Dementing! I have not had a relationship with people in this world. Who is the killer in the end, let us have no family in the Qin family!” Qin San sadly shed tears, holding Qin Ming in his arms.

“It’s all life! It’s not your fault, but his own, the shackles of his former life, only in this life.” The Virgin said, shaking his head, “Purple wind, bring him to the Purple Temple If God can forgive the mistakes they made in the past, maybe there are still salvation, oh, debts!”.

The purple wind used a ribbon to float the faint Qin Ming from the Qin Sanhuai to the air, disappearing into the fog with the Virgin.

At this time, the disheartened Qin San looked at Qin Ming, who was far away, and felt pain in his heart. He has no choice but to let Qin Ming follow the Virgin. At least he still has the opportunity to live. Even if he will never see him again in this life, he will be satisfied and give an explanation to his wife in heaven. But he didn’t know, no Qin Ming, what significance does he have to live, what is the meaning…

“Master, why should you kill him?”

“He has not used value. You have to go back and bring this blood book to Qin Ming, remember to be careful.”

“Yes, master.”

A hundred years is too long and too long, perhaps enough to make people completely forget the hatred, but can not make people forget the one who loves each other deeply. Suddenly, the wind raged, the dust began to scream, and gradually disappeared into the depths of the fog…

When there is never-ending snow in the silver, it melts in your heart

The winter in North Island City seems to come very early, and it is common for snow to fly in June. Like the catkins, the white snow slowly descends from the sky. In a short time, the North Island City is a silvery white.

Qin Ming stood on a white, looking at the boundless snow, he running helplessly. The icy snow fell on him, and the white coat was instantly dyed. Suddenly he fell to the ground and fell to the ground. He seemed to have lost something. He put his hand gently on his chest and then shouted at the sky. “Why, huh…he…”, he lost his heart.

The cold wind whistling in front of Qin Ming’s ear, more like the fate of his work, a few sighs in the distance, knocking Qin Ming’s memory. Qin Ming got up and looked into the distance. Two black shadows appeared in the white confusion, and the figure reflected the traces of love each other.

“Luoyao, is that you? Luoyao!” Qin Ming screamed with all his strength, but no matter how he called, only the ruthless cold wind whistling. The figure is getting farther and farther, Qin Ming’s painful follow-up, he is afraid that she will disappear, he has been alone for too long. The snow is getting bigger and bigger, it seems to drown everything. Qin Ming still stumbles and runs. He still remembers to take her hand and take her with him, even if he walks to the ends of the earth. All this he still remembers clearly, but she has forgotten, Luo Yao!

Qin Ming quietly lay on the moonstone, his mouth kept shouting, sweat drenched his clothes. In the Purple God Temple, the four beasts are healing for Qin Ming, but they can do whatever they can, and Qin Ming, who is in a coma, still keeps his eyes closed, but he has already dried his tears.

“Luoyao, Luoyao! Don’t go, don’t…” The unconscious Qin Ming braved the cold sweat and his body kept shaking.

“Mother, he’s afraid it won’t work!” Purple wind said to the Virgin.

“How could this be, oh! It seems that everything is God’s will, and I can’t do anything about it.” The Virgin shook his head weakly.

Qinglong, the head of the four-beast beast, said helplessly: “Hey! He is not a mortal. It seems that you need to ring the bell to solve the bell!”. The purple wind went forward and asked in confusion: “Who is the bell, who will it be?”

Qinglong looked like a dead man, Qin Ming replied: “The coma is the most vulnerable time of a person’s emotions. Of course, it is also the time when emotions are most revealed. When he was in a coma, he always called Luo Yao. I saw that the Luoyao goddess should be him. After the four-beasts were turned into four golden lights, they disappeared into the Purple Temple.

The purple wind came to the front of the Virgin and said: “The Virgin, since the goddess is his bellman, then…”. When the Virgin suddenly interrupted the purple wind, “No, Qin Mingzhong’s dementing is her, how can she let her come to harm him again!”

The purple wind couldn’t believe it and asked: “How could this be? Since the goddess is his bellman, why should he harm him? No, no.”

The Virgin looked up slightly and turned to the gray sky outside the temple. The past appeared one by one…

This is to start from the catastrophe of heaven and earth a hundred years ago. The catastrophe of the North Island State, I still clearly remember that the blood of the city, the painful sorrow of Li Min, now remembered that there is still a lingering fear. However, this catastrophe is not a natural disaster, but the ancient family rules of our North Island nation.

A thousand years ago, the North Island was still in a wild land. Our purple people came here, bringing civilization and bringing prosperity. Since then, the North Island countries have prospered, and some people in neighboring countries have moved to the North Island. The population of the North Island has increased dozens of times in the past few decades. However, this also caused trouble. With so many people, we began to be unable to govern. To this end, the purple ancestors created a series of management systems, selected the outstanding purple people to serve as the Virgin, and then the goddess elected the goddess, and selected the highest martial arts from the people, sealed as the god of war. The three are the souls of the North Island. For the longevity of the North Island, the Purples have formulated the rules of the family. The goddess and the god of war cannot fall in love. If the rules are violated, the North Island will be ravaged.

In the millennium, we all followed the rules of the family, until a hundred years ago, the new god of the North Island, he fell in love with the current goddess Luo Yao regardless of the family rules. The catastrophe of the heavens and the earth came as soon as possible, and the bustling moments of the North Island turned into wreckage, and the souls were smeared.

Seeing that the North Island is going to perish, the people who prayed for the North Island decided to give the North Island a chance to redeem. The generals of God of War must wash away his sins with blood, and the goddess must drink the water of love and hatred, so that she has only hatred for the ones she loves.

For the people of the North Island, the generals of the war gods died in the battlefield, and Luo Yao learned that there was tears and drink of love and hate water. From then on, she only hated God of War. However, I never imagined that in a hundred years, not only did she not dispel her hatred, but infinitely increased her inner hatred, and now she has killed him.”

The purple wind slowly nodded. “Only the goddess knows the dementia in the world. If the goddess does not save himself, he will die!”

The Virgin frowned, and the old face was worried. She looked at Qin Ming in a coma and said anxiously: “No, he may be much more complicated than we think. If he is the god of war, he is now It should have been dead, because the god of war is only a mortal, not our purple people, can not stand the spirit of the soul. However, although Qin Ming was seriously injured, unconscious, but still alive, from this point of view he should not be God of War.” The Virgin sighed and slowly approached Qin Ming and sighed: “It seems that God still cannot forgive the mistakes you made in that year!”

The voice just fell, only to hear the cry of the goddess outside the temple.

“Let me go in, I want to see the Virgin.” The goddess Luo Yao was in a hurry to see the Virgin, entangled with the guard outside the temple. “This, this is not alright! Goddess, the Virgin Mary told me not to let anyone enter,” the guard said helplessly.

“Let her come in!” The purple wind helped the Virgin to go outside the temple. The goddess stood in front of the Virgin and looked coldly at the temple. “Let me see him!”

The Virgin Mary condenses, and her eyes radiate a bitter chill. “You don’t want to see if he is dead?” The crutches in the hands of the Virgins slammed into the ground. “Hey! Can the mortals in the spirit of the soul still live?” ?”.

The goddess is unmoved. “No, he is still dead, he can’t die.” The goddess still stared at Qin Ming, who was in a coma in the hall. With a flick of a finger, everything is gone, only the goddess’ eyes are changed, not so cold, or even tears. She stared at Qin Ming tenderly, “Mother, let me see him, only I can save him in this world.”

The Virgin sighed softly. “Okay, God is so, make people!” The three men slowly walked into the temple.

On the Lantern Festival, the night sky in the North Island City is so gorgeous that the streets are filled with high-hanging red lanterns. The dark night sky is covered with colorful fireworks, crowded markets, and Hua Deng at the beginning. The glory of the moon is reflected in the river in the city. The water surface is awkward, the moonlight is gradually moving away, and the river slowly passes through a leaf boat. A handsome young man stood on the bow of the ship, shaking the paper fan with one hand, and holding a light lamp, his posture was calm. Numerous girls along the way were frivolous, but he just smiled.

There is an ancient bridge across the Weihe River. The ancient bridge at night is unusually beautiful, and the moonlight reflected from the water adds a bit of color. On the Lantern Festival, the people of the North Island are used to putting water lanterns and putting lanterns into the Weihe River, so that they can hang their hopes.

On the bridge, Luo Yao looked at the stars in the river to light up and danced under the gorgeous night sky. “Purple wind, they are really interesting after the Lantern Festival, it is so fun!” She looked very excited, “Miss, we should go back, or St….the lady may be angry,” said the supporter of Luo Yao’s anxiety. She did not hear it, untied the veil and waved in the air.

A breeze, Luo Yao’s veil slipped out of the palm of his hand and swayed in the wind. The veil fell with the wind, and it was about to fall into the river. I didn’t want to sail on a leafy boat. The young man caught the veil firmly. Purple wind quickly ran forward, “Gongzi, please return the veil”, the young man fixed his eyes on Luoyao, did not hear the purple wind said. The boat slowly landed, the young man went to Luoyao, first swearing, and then put the veil in her hands. “Thank you son!” Luo Yao slowly raised his head, only to see a little man with a clear eyebrows staring at himself, and quickly lowered his head, “Zifeng, I am going back.” She turned red on her cheek. “Yes, Miss” Luo Yao gradually disappeared into the crowd, the young man still stood in the same place, smelling the smell of the hand, revealing a smile, the light in the hands of the young man swayed with the breeze, exuding the blue light.

On the Xuanyue Stone, Qin Ming is still unconscious, his forehead sweating constantly, Luo Yao continues to be lucky, the Virgin is sitting on the side of anxiety.

The broken memories outline the scenes that have passed away…

In the blue sky, the kites dancing in the wind are soaring, and people are chasing on the green grass. Qin Ming took a long line and spread to the horizon, Luo Yao is like a butterfly. “Qin Ming, wait for me, wait for me!” Luo Yao chased him, Qin Ming turned his head. “You come to chase me, I have to run all the time, let you chase me to the ends of the earth.” Luo Yao stopped. , breathe, “Okay, you wait!”, said to get up and catch up.

On the Xuanyue Stone, Qin Ming gradually recovered consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes and his eyes gradually became clear. The Virgin approached Qin Ming and said: “You finally woke up, you have been in a coma for half a month.” Qin Ming pressed his hand and pressed his head. “Hey, it hurts! Where is this? I remember that at the top of the mountain, I suddenly felt confused in front of me, and then I lost consciousness. Right, what am I?” doubt.

The Virgin looked at Xu Ming, who was suspicious, and took a blood book from his chest and handed it to Qin Ming: “This is what you left for you.” Qin Ming’s eyes are full of bloodshot eyes, staring at the blood book, shaking his body. Said: “You mean that I am jealous of him… He is dead.” The Madonna is full of cockroaches, frowning and said: “Yes, he committed suicide” Qin Ming eyes flashed with tears, his hands clinging to his own The ear, shaking his head in a frantic manner, said with a sigh: “No, no, he won’t leave me.” Qin Ming stumbled down the Xuanyue Stone, and the wounded him more, his feet were soft. He fell to the ground, and he looked up and cried, “What is going on here?” The Virgin Mary helped the weak Qin Ming, and shook his head helplessly and said: “You should first look at the blood book. After reading it, you will understand everything.”

The sky of the Purple Temple is covered with gray, and the moist dust is brewing in the dark clouds, and heavy rain is coming.

When the black night of the dawn is illuminated with nine red candles, the fireworks are enchanting

Inside the Purple Temple, Qin Ming trembled and opened the old blood book, which was wrapped in an exquisite jade, and the bottom was a suicide note.

Qin Ming, when you see it all, you must be no longer alive. Don’t be sad, child! All of this is destined. Honestly, I would also like to thank you for the 20 years you have given me. I am very happy to be you. Forgive your selfishness? Your mission is complete, you should rest, and you must be strong in the days to come.

In the winter of 20 years ago, the snow was particularly big. I was cooking with your mother in the house, and suddenly there was a cry from the outside of the house. We rushed to open the door, and I saw a sly squat on the thick snow outside the house. It was the baby just full moon. We picked him up and thought that he was given to us by Qin. Then, we found a blood book in the shackles, which recorded your life.

So, we remembered the blood book. It turned out that your past life was the lamp god who was in charge of the nine lamps of the heavenly court. You practiced for a thousand years, and once became a fairy, but you became a gray. In the snowy season, you have come to the mortal world and turned into a Yuan Ying. Maybe you are sent to God to save your mother.

Because of your counter-attack, my body is not as good as one day. However, I promised your mother that you must raise an adult, so I endure the pain, that is, to wait until your adult day. But I am worried day and night, afraid that I can’t get through that day. Qin Ming, remember! Be sure to live well, and I will protect you in heaven with your mother.

Qin Ming closed the blood book, he smiled coldly, looked awkward, and wanted to cry without tears. He swayed out of the hall, and the Virgin went ahead: “Where are you going? You just recovered from injury, and you need to rest in peace.” Qin Ming still walked swaying, completely disregarding the words of the Virgin. Perhaps, at this time, any rest can not heal the wounds in his heart.

The black cloud is at the top, and the heavy rain is approaching. It seems that even the sky is crying.

The rain of the patter was hit by Qin Ming, and he was also hiding in the heart of Luo Yao. Qin Ming dragged his tired body and walked outside the temple. The rain soaked through his body. How many times Luo Yao wanted to go to keep him, but she was afraid, afraid that he would hate her for a lifetime.

In the Temple of Purple Gold, the Virgin Mary, who was looking far away, turned to the purple wind and said: “I didn’t expect that he was the body of Yuan Ying. No wonder he received this soul-hunting technique. Poor his father, but ultimately Don’t die for him.” Purple wind wondered: “What is the meaning of the purple Yixian people, a hundred years of catastrophe, the father is a child, what is the meaning?” “In my opinion, his father should also be the body of Yuan Ying, Legend has it that when two Yuan Yings are available, they will learn each other’s fine elements until one party dies. It seems that his father sacrificed himself to fulfill him.”

The sky gradually darkened, the rain stopped, and the night after the rain seemed particularly cold. Qin Ming wrapped his body, rubbing his hands, and straight out the air. Qin Ming’s stiff body has been unable to move, and the eyes can’t see the light in the distance, from far away. Qin Ming quickly went forward, but he was mixed by the stones under his feet. He even turned a few heads and fainted in the light.

In his sleep, Qin Ming heard the sound of chickens, slowly opened his eyes, and the sun was extremely glaring.

An old woman took a bowl of ginger soup and walked over to Qin Ming. “Young man, you are awake! Hey, this ginger soup is drinking!”

Qin Ming drank the ginger soup and tried to recall the situation yesterday. “Auntie, Xiaosheng remembers to see a bright light last night, then she passed out. How is this here?”

Qin Ming got up and yelled at the old woman. “Auntie, thank you for your help. I am really impressed by Qin Ming.” Qin Ming felt a little touched. Since Qin San left him, no one has been so good to him.

Qin Ming looked at the old man and was moved. He remembered Qin San. “Xu Xu, thank you!” Qin Ming looked at them for a long time, he did not know what to say.

Lao Xu looked at him and said: “Little brother, look at your clothes, you are participating in the sacrifice!” Qin Ming nodded. “I heard that there was a big event on the day of the sacrifice. The Madonna arrived. It was a mess at that time. How did you get here? There is some distance from the top of Ziming!” Xu looked puzzled at Qin Ming.

Lao Xu patted Qin Ming’s shoulder. “Little brother, don’t worry, I will give you a ride when I have something to eat.” Qin Ming was happy to look at Lao Xu. “I don’t think I can report the help of the two. When I finish the big event, I will come to this report.” After that, Qin Ming headed to the old Xu. Lao Xu quickly helped Qin Ming. At this time, the old woman came to the wine, and the three of them made the wine happy, so unhappy.

In the afternoon, the weather is clear and there is a warmth. Qin Ming changed his clothes, accompanied by Lao Xu, bid farewell to the old woman, bid farewell to the hut, and continued on the road to the top of Ziming.

God of War Regeneration

Who walks in the Purple Temple and engraves your crescent-like smile

The night in the North Island always comes very quickly, and in a short while, I can’t reach my fingers. Qin Ming walked to an open space beside the small road, spread the quilt brought by the old Xu family, and fell to sleep. It seems that he is really tired, maybe it all came too suddenly.

The darkness of the night, the dark world, the bright moon in the sky alone spreads the halo. Qin Ming slowly stood up, and the blackness of the night could not make him feel fear, because he had lost his close relatives and his heart was dead. Qin Ming looked around and was dark. Silent and silent around, only the wind hit him in the ear. Suddenly, he felt a suffocation, as if someone had caught his neck. Qin Ming struggled to blush, and in desperation he felt that he was going to die. He seemed to see Qin San. Suddenly, Qin Ming began to resist with both hands. He thought that he could not die before he found the body of Qin San. Qin Ming seized the black hands in the darkness, and did not know where to come from, Qin Ming pushed him away.

Qin Ming sighed and gasped, and the whole part gradually became clear. Not far away, a vague shadow approached him. Qin Ming stared intently. He wanted to know who wanted to kill.

The outline of a teenager in front of him is gradually clear, and it is very cold in the moonlight. Qin Ming slowly approached, and his eyes looked at him for a moment, because he was as long as Qin Ming, but his clothes looked evil. Qin Ming couldn’t believe his eyes. He decided to ask: “You…you…who are you? Why do you want to harm me?”

The warm sunshine shines on Qin Ming, which makes him feel a little warm. Everything is screaming around, and all the flowers are blooming. Everything means that spring is here. Qin Ming woke up in a noise, watching him laugh around, he was glad that last night was just a nightmare.

At this time, in the Temple of the Soul, the main light of the temple was sitting cross-legged and closed. The temple door opened a bright light and came to a purple girl. “Master, blood book has been successfully handed over to Qin Ming.” Purple girl said. “Well… good, the old one is not suspicious?” The blue light slowly opened his eyes. “Everything is as expected by the owner, Luo Yao returned to the Purple Temple to repair Qin Ming, and the Virgin did not have any doubts about the blood book, she now thinks that Qin Ming is the body of Yuan Ying.” Purple girl said. “Ha ha… Luo Yao, Luo Yao, I knew that you no longer hate Qin Ming, and will not hurt his life. In this case, I only borrow your hand and let the old things mistake Qin Yu is Yuan Ying. I will be able to replace him as a successor and become a reincarnation of God of War. By that time, North Island City will fall into my hands, ah haha…” The blue light stood up, laughed loudly, and rang through the valley.

“You hurry back to the old things, if there is any situation, report to me immediately.”

“Yes, the master” purple girl quits the temple, transforms into a beam of light, and gradually disappears.

Who is embracing between the breeze and flying under the blue sky

After leaving the Purple Temple for several days, Qin Ming dragged his tired body to Qinglingling. Qinglingling is the only way to the top of Zijin Mountain, but because there are often green lights and half-floating mountains at night, the beasts mourn the valley and are known as ghost ridges.

Just after noon, the sky in Qinglingling has gradually darkened. Qin Ming has found a forest nearby, leaning against the tree and sitting quietly. Under the green trees, a thin, lone shadow was curled up. Qin Ming had tears in his eyes and a few mottled wounds on his face. Qin Ming took out the only dry food left, and he began to choke during the bite. The originally thin face was flushed.

During the time, the wind was rising, and a cloud of dark clouds pressed from the night sky to the woods. I saw him in the air, and a black wind whirled around the Qin Ming, which was curled up into a ball, to look at him. Qin Ming was holding a gale and looked up hard. He watched the black wind of the group approaching him. Qin Ming tried to stand up, but the violent wind made him fall to the ground again and again. Seeing that the black wind is only one step away from him, Qin Ming hurriedly closed his eyes and tried to resist the invasion of the black wind.

Luo Yao hurriedly walked to Qin Ming’s side, leaned over to look at his injury, and immediately took out the remedy for him. After the half-column fragrance, Qin Ming lay in the arms of Luo Yao, slowly opened his eyes, still surrounded by endless darkness, but the woman in front of her eyes was radiant and beautiful. Qin Ming looked at the woman who had met before, and said weakly: “Where is this?” Luo Yao supported Qin Ming. “This is a black wind, we must hurry to leave.”

As soon as the voice fell, Luo Yao waved his finger, and a purple ribbon wrapped Qin Ming tightly, and then turned into two lights to the end of the darkness. When the light broke through the darkness, the ribbon on Qin Ming fluttered back to Luo Yao. Qin Ming quietly looked at the darkness not far away, and the dark zone that formed the black wind rotating gradually disappeared. The woods still in front of him and the starry sky above the head.

“Qin Ming, are you okay?” Luo Yao approached Qin Ming. “Well… I am fine.” Qin Ming turned his head and looked at Luo Yao. His eyes were uncertain. “You… is the goddess?” “Qin Ming, don’t you remember me? I… I am Luoyao!” Luo Yao excitedly rushed to Qin Ming. “Luo…Yao, Luoyao”, Qin Ming felt a heart-wrenching pain, fell to the ground, painfully recalled the familiar and strange person, those scenes.

The confused halo gradually spread out, and outside the Zhumen, the young man swayed the paper fan in his hand. The breeze slowly, the light kite flying under the blue sky flew out of the deep wall and fell to the side of the young man. In Zhu Menne, the young man walked close to the noble girl, “Miss, Xiaosheng Qinming, special returning kites”, the girl was red-faced and whispered: “I… my name is Luoyao.” The kites dancing in the wind in the blue sky are soaring, and people are chasing on the green grass. Qin Ming took a long line and spread to the horizon, Luo Yao is like a butterfly. “Qin Ming, wait for me, wait for me!” Luo Yao chased him, Qin Ming turned his head. “You come to chase me, I have to run all the time, let you chase me to the ends of the earth.” Luo Yao stopped. , breathe, “Okay, you wait!” Then he went after him.

“Qin Ming, are you okay?” Luo Yao swayed Qin Ming, who fell to the ground. Qin Ming looked at the woman in front of her eyes. “I remember, Luoyao.” Luo Yao had tears in his eyes and embraced Qin Ming. “Qin Ming, great, you still remember me.”

Unknowingly, the wind was light and the sky was gradually turning brighter. I thought it would have passed a night again. The dawn always came.

Inside the Shenshen Hall, the girl in purple dress said: “Master, Qin Ming escaped the black wind array, and now is rushing to the top of Ziming.” The blue light clenched the fists. “A group of waste, even a mortal can’t stand!” “The girl in purple clothes quickly stepped forward to the master. Originally, Qin Ming was already in a black wind, who knows that Luo Yao has saved him.” The blue light trembled and whispered, “Luo Yao, it seems that the blood book can’t lie to you, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” The eyes are full of sadness. “The purple wind, you first go back to the old things, it seems that it is time to go out.” “”

A beam of light disappeared into the temple, leaving only a hundred years of entanglement.

Zi Ming Peak

The snow is gone, the wind in the North Island has not settled

The dust on the top of Ziming was settled. The people listened to the call of the Virgin and rushed to the top of the mountain to prepare for the war. At this time, a blue light suddenly flashed in the sky, and the blue light descended to the top of the mountain, turned into a crowd, and mixed into the crowd. The breeze smashed over the top of the mountain, blowing the withered leaves, swaying under the blue sky, slowly drifting into the distance.

Through the falling leaves, two purple lights descended to the top. The purple wind helps the Virgin and overlooks the crowds.

Seeing the coming of the Virgin, everyone was squatting, and only a handsome man shook his paper fan, his mouth bursting with a strange smile. The purple wind jumped and turned into a beam of light and flew toward him, and a sharp blade approached his chest. Purple wind looked at the young man in front of him, showing a smile, and seeing the sharp blade in his hand is almost his chest. “Purple wind!” With a scream, the Virgin Mary has stood in front of the young man, and the purple wind quickly picked up the sharp edge. Purple wind approached the young man: “Bold people, see the Virgin, why not worship!”, the Madonna smiled, “Purple wind, you see who he is!”. Purple wind fixed his eyes on the young man in front of him. “You…you are Qin Ming?”, the Virgin Mary waved his hand and said: “No, he is not Qin Ming.” When the boys saw the situation, they hurriedly bowed. “The grass people’s blue light, only to see the Virgin Mary, chaos the mind, forget the etiquette, and ask the Virgin to fall.” The purple wind looked at the Madonna and said: “Mother, is he the god of war?”, the Virgin came close to the blue light, only saw a light, flying into the eyes of the blue light.

Suddenly the wind stopped and the purple wind quietly waited for the blue light that was fixed. At this time, Qin Ming and Luo Yao had rushed to the top of the mountain, passing through the crowd, and the two came to the purple wind. The purple wind saw Luo Yao said: “Goddess, Qin Ming is the body of Yuan Ying, how can you be with him?”. Luo Yao walked through the purple wind, looking at the fixed blue light, waving his fingers, behind her a soft ribbon like a sharp sword, straight to the blue light. At this time, a light flashed from the eyelids of the blue light, and the flying ribbon was cut off in an instant. Madonna gloomy face, staring at Luo Yao: “How? The last time did not kill the fake God of War, this time to kill the real God of War?” Luo Yao sneered: “I am afraid that the Virgin is the old eye dizzy, Qin Ming is the real The God of War reborn.” Then turned to the purple wind and said coldly: “Purple wind, Qin San delivered the blood book to you before death, you know where his bones are now?”. The purple wind said with a low head: “I must have existed in the belly of the mountain beast now.” After Qin Ming listened, he fell to the ground.

The blue light returned to God and made a look to the purple wind. Zifeng saw the opportunity to rush to Luoyao and said: “Goddess, you are reincarnation Yuan Ying, you can ask yourself. After Qin San committed suicide, the blood book left is the best proof, what God of War, I want to say that it is the killer of my father.” Qin Ming touched the blood book in his chest and whispered and said, “Yes, I am not a war god reincarnation, I… I am only a murderer who killed his father.” After all, Qin Ming wiped his tears, turned and ran away, and Luo Yao followed suit.

The wind rises, the Virgin looks at the people who are moving, saying: “A hundred years ago, the generals of the gods chose to sacrifice themselves for the safety of the North Island. After a hundred years, the generals of the gods reappeared again and will take on the responsibility of defending the North Island. It is the regeneration of the god of war, the blue light!”. As soon as the voice fell, all the people cheered and they went down to pay homage to God of War. The wind was light and the clouds disappeared. The three disappeared into the top of Ziming, and the light smashed through the sky and flew to the Purple Temple.

Inside the Purple Temple, the Virgin said with a smile to the blue light: “There will be a grand ceremony after three days. You will live here for a good time, and the purple wind will take care of your daily life.” The blue lamp mouth smiles, not too slow Said: “Thank you for the Virgin!”. After all, the blue light returned to his room, took off his coat, and sneered: “After three days, North Island City will fall into my hands, and you will all die, haha…”. At this time, the door knocked, “Who!” The blue light turned into a person, close to the door. “General of the God of War, it is me, purple wind”, the blue light hurriedly opened the door, looked around, smiled and said to the purple wind, “purple girl invited!”.

In the room, the blue light was placed behind his back and stood in front of the window. Purple wind squatted behind the blue light and said with a smile: “Master, now the Virgin has not been wary of you, that is, the god of war seems to be a foregone conclusion.” The blue light slowly turned around and helped the purple wind, “purple wind, Thanks to you, I can go this step, I will not treat you badly. But in order to be foolproof, I still need you to do something for me.” Purple wind firmly said: “Master, I only want to follow the owner forever. Even if you sacrifice yourself, you will not stop.” The blue light stroking the back of the purple wind said: “Good!” Then he took out a box from his arms. “This box contains fatal poison. I want you every Three times a day, I mixed it into the tea and took it to the Virgin. After three days, she must die without a burial place. When the North Island is not yours, the purple wind shook the body and felt a chill behind it. . She was pale and hurriedly put the box into her arms and got up and left.

Out of the room, the purple wind helped the wall to the Notre Dame. She became lost, and for the blue light, she could do anything and even sacrifice herself. To this end, she deceived the Virgin, she designed Qin Ming against her own conscience, not to replace the Virgin, but just want the blue light to show her a smile, even if it is only a second. Slowly walking to the Notre Dame, the purple wind looked at the place where she grew up, recalling that she was abandoned by her parents that year. If it weren’t for the mercy of the Virgin, I would have already stalked the mountains. The Virgin treats her like a close relative, looking back at the scenes of those years, the purple wind reveals a smile.

The black cloud was pressed, and a cold wind hit, breaking the happy look of the purple wind, waiting for him is a difficult choice. The purple wind surface is like a dead gray, and quickly walks to the room of the Virgin, arranges poison, and prepares to reach out and knock on the door. At this time, a happy memory of her childhood beat her mind, and she shivered and retracted the hand that knocked into the door of the area. Just as the purple wind was ready to turn and leave, there was a call from the Virgin in the room. “Is it purple, is it you? Come in.”

The purple wind carried a deadly poison and pushed open the door. The knees said in front of the Virgin: “The Virgin, this is the longevity tea that the purple wind specially brews for you.” The Virgin got up and took over the overheated tea, showing a kind smile. “Purple wind, you have this filial piety, and I don’t want to raise you up.”

The purple wind slowly raised her head and looked at the Virgin to drink the poison that she had personally arranged. The corner of her mouth was a cold smile. At this time, in the purple heart, childhood happiness memories have long been replaced by the young man. To this end, she is willing to do things for him, to become his pawn to monitor the Virgin, just to get him an appreciation of the eyes or a smile of satisfaction.

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