Windows system hit MS17-010 patch

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Early in the week, the whole people began to patch, which shows that the worm has an unprecedented impact. When I patched my computer, I found some problems and shared it here to help friends who have not been patched in time.


Friends who need to close port 445 can refer to the tutorial: [windows close 445 port] (

Microsoft Vulnerability Information official website hangs?

Baidu network disk link: Password: dkoe

Note: Each operating system in the network disk corresponds to a compressed package. Please download and decompress and install it yourself. If it fails, please leave a message!

Open windows auto update is ok?

At first, when I was dealing with the ms17-010 patch, I chose to enable the Windows auto-update feature and installed some of the latest patches. However, when I checked it after installation, I did not find the KB4012212 (windows7) patch information. Helpless, you can only download the ms17-010 patch installation package for installation separately. After installation, you can see that KB4012212 exists in the installed patch, so I guess the automatic update does not include the ms17-010 vulnerability patch.

How do I view the installed patch information?

View the installed patch information (enter the following command in cmd):

Option One:

systeminfo | findstr "KB4012212"

If there is output, the patch is successful; otherwise, the patch is not successfully installed.

Option II:

systeminfo > systeminfo.txt

Open the generated systeminfo.txt file to view the KB number information of the installed patches.

ms17-010 corresponding KB number

KB number corresponding to each version of the operating system:

After installing the patch, check whether the corresponding KB number exists in the verification system.

MS corresponds to the KB number

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