Kali-linux for Android

Sometimes tossing is just for tossing, nothing more!

It is said that the OPPO camera artifact is very hot recently, so I bought a piece (R9s) with a good mood, the shape is good, the performance is justified. Especially the self-timer function can’t put it down (…), so the original Xiaomi at hand is idle. As a technical man who advocates thrift and support, of course, he wants to use waste, so he has the following toss.
My goal is to create a mobile phone for penetration testing. The first solution I thought was to install the kali-linx system on my mobile phone. Because the system integrates many penetration testing tools, it solves many dependency problems and saves a lot of trouble. So the question is, how do you install the kali-linux system on your mobile phone? After looking up some information, I took care of the idea:
(1) The phone needs root
(2) Install linux-deploy on your phone
(3) Install kali on linux-deploy
(4) Install the penetration test tool in kali
With the idea, let us pick up our sleeves and do it! (The installation package mentioned below will be available for download at the end of the article!)


At first, I saw some tutorials on the Internet. It is very simple to introduce the root phone. Download the third-party software and you can use one-click root. So I downloaded a software (root sprite) on the computer with a relaxed attitude, then connected the phone to the computer and started clicking on the root. After a few minutes prompted the root to succeed, I thought, the original cracked mobile phone is so simple, just want to vomit Xiaomi, open the phone and found that there is no root success, NM potholes. Then uninstalled the software and found another one (root master), the same is true.
Official download address: [http://www.miui.com/download-241.html] (http://www.miui.com/download-241.html)
According to the official tutorial provided (I chose the second installation method), after the installation, the application security root is granted in the security center, other brands of mobile phones please Baidu, the method is similar.

Installing linux-deploy

Linux deploy is an app that can quickly install and run the Linux operating system on Android devices. It runs under the GPLv3 protocol and requires root privileges. Linux-deploy software introduction: [http://www.cnblogs.com/mzlw/p/4841707.html] (http://www.cnblogs.com/mzlw/p/4841707.html)
Install linux-deploy on your phone and configure it after running:

The operation interface is as shown in the figure above, click on the lower right corner to configure:

Release selection: kali-linux; source address selection domestic image:

Check ssh, vnc, it will automatically open ssh and vnc services after starting the system, which is convenient for remote management.
After the configuration is complete, click Install and wait for a while.

Click Start after installation. If successful, you can use the ssh tool to connect to this system.

Note: linux-deploy is just a software, it does not affect the installation of the phone itself (in addition to occupying storage space), it will not clear the data (not brush machine)

Linux-deploy installation kali reference:

kali install infiltration tool

Although the installation of kali on the mobile phone is successful, there is no tool on this kali system, you need to install it yourself. Because the official source of kali is too slow, it is recommended to replace the domestic source. Install an ssh remote connection tool on your phone, connect to the kali system, and enter the following command:

vim /etc/apt/sources.list

Empty the contents of the file and add the following:

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free

After the replacement, update the source:

Sudo su #switch to root user
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Installation tool:

apt-get install nmap
apt-get install sqlmap
apt-get install metasploit-framework

Run the screenshot:

  • Running speed is ok, easy to carry, essential artifacts for home travel! *

Other security tools

In addition to installing the kali system on Android phones, many security software also supports Android systems, such as dsploit, busybox, nmap for android and so on. First install the busybox software on the phone (grant root privileges), check the Smart Install option after running the software, and then click to install busybox. After installing the busybox, you can use dsploit and other software, of course, these software also require root privileges. As for the usage of these security software, a search on the Internet is a big push, and it will not be introduced here.

Software Tools Download

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1miqcGjQ Password: ch5f

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