Black Hat SEO Series Basics

SEO is called search engine optimization, which means to improve search engine ranking by means of station optimization and off-site optimization. Since there are SEO technologies, there will be corresponding practitioners, they are called white hat SEO, specifically refers to professionals who help improve the ranking of the site through fair SEO techniques.
Of course, there will be black in the white, because the process of white hat SEO optimization will be very long, a new station wants to get a good ranking, it often takes several years to optimize promotion. Therefore, some small partners who want to quickly improve their website rankings began to study cheating on SEO, which gave birth to black hat SEO. Black Hat SEO refers to a type of SEO technology that allows sites to quickly improve their rankings by cheating, or hacking techniques such as black chain (dark chain), station group, website hijacking, bridge page, etc. Black Hat SEO can Quickly improve the rankings, but after all, it is a violation of cheating, easy to be K.
The advantages and disadvantages of white hats and black hats are obvious. In other words, both are not perfect, so the gray hat SEO is born, which is between the two, neither violation nor quicker ranking. Due to the needs of the project, I recently started to contact some of the knowledge of black hat SEO, and share it here. Welcome to correct me!

Black Hat SEO Basic Concept

Domain Name

Concept: A domain name consists of two or more words, separated by a dot, and the rightmost word is called a top-level domain.

Top level domain

The top-level domains we contact are divided into two categories:

  1. National and regional top-level domain names, currently more than 200 countries have assigned top-level domain names, such as China is cn, Japan is jp, etc.;
  2. International top-level domain names, for example, .com for business enterprises, .net for network providers, .org for non-profit organizations, etc.
    First level domain
    The first-level domain name is added to the first level of com net org, such as:,, etc.
    secondary domain,, etc. are second-level domain names.
Pan-level domain name station group

Premise: When doing domain name resolution, I chose *
Operation: Enter the server, you can use the generic second-level domain name building tool to create secondary domain name sites in batches to achieve the effect of the station group.

Pan port group

Operation: Firstly, you need to obtain the server authority of the operation target site. After entering the server, you can use the pan port group building tool to create a pan port site in batches. Mainly in the iis inside the batch to create a site, binding the port corresponding to the site. For a pan-port site, be sure to take care of some important ports, otherwise it can cause server errors. The general pan-station, the more used is the Dedecms program.
It is to create a website in a website with high weight. In fact, it is to add a lot of external links. Spiders think that these websites are also content of high-weight websites, so the weight will be higher. However, due to the widespread use of this method, Baidu modified the crawler algorithm.


Y is a website that you want to promote. W is an external website that you control. You can first engage in multiple websites, and the next level of chain will go down to form a sprocket. When you want to promote a website, you can add the Y chain to all external websites. Google Appearance has been unfriendly to this, Baidu can also try.

Spider Pool

Spider Pool is a program that uses search engine rankings and rankings by leveraging large platform weights. The principle can be understood as the creation of some station groups in advance to acquire (support) a large number of search engine spiders. When you want to promote a new site, you only need to add the form of the link outside the site to the station group to attract spiders to crawl.


Parasites are a common method used by black hat SEOs to automatically generate various illegal pages by invading other people’s websites and implanting parasite programs. The reason why it is called a parasite is because it can trigger the generation itself, rather than generating it once, for example, when it is accessed by a web page, automatically generating a page and forming a sprocket.

Black Hat SEO Cheating Technique

SEO cheating is not only to improve the ranking of the website, but also to frame the opponent’s website and reduce its ranking.

PR hijacking

It is often the use of 301 or 302 jumps, because the search engine treats the 301, 302 jump, the target URL as the actual URL.
That is, when the PR value of the B domain name is from the A domain name 302 to the B domain name, and the PR value of the B domain name is relatively high, the domain name A also displays the PR value of the domain name B after updating the PR value, that is, the PR value of the A can be increased. Using this, you can first jump your website 302 to a website with a high PR. After the PR value is updated, you can cancel the turn and put your own content, so that you can maintain the next PR value update, about two or three months. time.

Website Jump

Detailed reference: [Black Hat SEO page jump] ( 94%E9%A1%B5%E9%9D%A2%E8%B7%B3%E8%BD%AC/)

Hide page

Hidden pages refer to the pager’s use of the program to determine whether the visitor is a normal user or a search engine spider. If it is a normal user, the program returns a page that does not consider SEO, only to the user; if it is a search engine spider, the program returns a highly optimized, but unreadable page due to optimization.

Hidden text

Hidden text refers to the text that the user can’t see on the webpage, but the search engine can see the text by changing the color, position, size, etc. of the text:

<div style="display:none">Hide text</div>

Garbage connection

Garbage connection usually means that the webmaster wants to improve the ranking of the website, go to the forums of the forums, leave their own connections, and generally do this through mass-sending software. This method is easy to filter out, and some browser plug-ins or blog plug-ins can automatically filter spam.

Connecting the farm

Link farm refers to the entire website or part of the web page, there is no substance, it is completely for the exchange of links. All the pages on this page are linked to other websites, and other websites are chained back and cross each other.

Bridge Page

  • The top of the page is connected to other websites (the website you want to promote) with a large font size. Users sometimes have to click on the connection because they cannot see the contents of the bridge page.
  • Use page automatic jump technology.

Keywords stacked

Keyword accumulation refers to repeatedly deliberately stacking keywords and improving rankings in places where there is no need to have keywords on the page.

Bait replacement

Bait replacement refers to the fact that the cheater first changes the ranking to other content after obtaining the ranking through the ordinary keyword creation page.
A brush station is a program that simulates a user’s search engine, searches for a keyword, and then clicks through a web page.

Hanging dark chain (black chain)

Technique: Use CSS, use DIV+JS, use JS, etc.
Role: use high-weight website links to improve their site rankings.
Detailed reference: [Black Hat SEO Dark Chain] ( %E9%93%BE/)

Website hijacking

Classification: client hijacking, server hijacking, snapshot hijacking, etc.
Techniques: Generally use js or php, asp and other code to achieve the purpose of hijacking websites, controlling jumps and rendering web effects.
Role: use high-weight website to jump to traffic.
Detailed reference: [Black Hat SEO web hijacking] ( %E9%A1%B5%E5%8A%AB%E6%8C%81/)

Using high-weight website secondary directory

Approach: Place some betting pages under the secondary directory of the high-weight website.
Role: improve website ranking, traffic.

Using high-weight website secondary directory reverse proxy

By configuring nginx/apache, etc., set the directory proxy to proxy a directory on the server to a directory on the server.
That is, when the browser opens the directory, the actual access to the resource is a directory on the server (the target server will go to the server to get the data), depending on the nginx configuration. The way the document is written. This method does not need to modify the target server website source code, only need to modify the middleware configuration file, it is not easy to be deleted, it is not easy to be discovered.

Continually updated…….

Reference: Black Hat SEO Forum, SEO combat password


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