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In the daily security service work, you often encounter the need to collect information about the target server system, such as: system logs, middleware logs, system information, and so on. Collecting this information can help analyze the security status of the server and facilitate the forensic analysis after the invasion. However, the customer network environment is often very complicated, the server is more, the system version is not the same, which brings a lot of trouble to the manual collection, so the research and development of the server information collection tool.


  • Collect system logs
  • Collect system information
    Boot time
  1. IP_MAC address
  2. User information
  3. Operating system version
  4. Process information
    6.Hosts file
  5. Port information
  • Collect middleware logs
  1. Apache
  2. IIS
  3. Tomcat
  4. JBOSS
  • Full search log file

Instructions for use

Program help:

  1. Run the program and start collecting system information.

  2. During the running of the program, you can enter the target disk drive letter, scan the disk to obtain the .log file; if you do not enter the direct carriage return, the default is full scan.

  3. After the operation is completed, the collected logs and system information folder will be generated in the current directory.

Note: If the program runs incorrectly (MSVCR100.dll), go to [Download] ( VC Runtime Install it and run the program again after the installation is complete.

Tools Download

Windows server information collection tool [download address] (

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